bikesThe Healthy Community Council (HCC) is a community coalition composed of stakeholders representing community agencies, universities and non-profit organizations in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Virginia. Based on recent U.S. Census data, there are approximately 120,000 residents in the community. The HCC has developed collaborative relationships with the four area colleges and universities. This partnership-learning model benefits the community, faculty and students.

Established in 1996, an overarching goal of the HCC has been to conduct a community needs assessments in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. The assessment has been conducted every five years and as an example, data obtained from the 2000 assessment established emerging needs, which generated $11 million in funding for community initiatives. HCC members, faculty and students all collaborate to identify community assets, challenges and emerging needs.

Once the assessment is complete, a series of HCC summits are held to develop priority areas and establish working groups to address these community needs over the next 5 years.  The HCC meets quarterly (January, March, June and September) to engage, educate and inform stakeholders concerning emerging needs as well as progress with the current priority areas.  The HCC is a well-established area collaboration that welcomes everyone to participate in the process.

Enhance the quality of life for the community through collaborative efforts of individuals, agencies, and institutions.

Striving for a Healthier Community

Assess community needs
Identify priorities based on assessment
Facilitate and support community initiatives

Evaluate progress of HCC priorities
Hold quarterly meetings to engage, educate, inform stakeholders.
Report assessment results
Identify assessment priorities
Establish work groups